Welcome to Iaomai (I‐owe‐me) Nutrition. We all owe it to ourselves

to be truly radiant and happy in this lifetime, why wait until tomorrow?

My name is Lauren Wiebe, I am a certified Holistic Health Coach (INHC)

 living in the Niagara Region.

Whatever your specific goals are, I want to help achieve them

using my own personal experiences and education on Holistic health and wellness.

We will have some fun, cook some delicious food and

learn how to nourish your body the way nature intended!

3 Months To Thrive

This program is designed get to the bottom of your health issues. We will work out those kinks and you will start to see many positive changes.


6 Months to Success

This is where you’re fully committing to you. Here you have the opportunity to reach your full health potential, feel the best you’ve ever felt.


Store Tour

Is your least favourite chore grocery shopping? Get a personal tour of your local super market to shed some light on the things you need to know.


Kitchen Overhaul

Your pantry and fridge probably need somewhat of a makeover. IAOMAI can help!



See my tips and recipes

See the latest posts from our blog where you will find great tips on food, recipes, nutrition and frequently asked questions.



  • Granola Bars (raw+dairy free)

    Granola Bars (raw+dairy free)

    Ohhhh Granola Bars….. They have such good intentions, most appear to be healthy, (at least that’s how their promoted)  but if you take a closer look at your favourite supermarket granola bar, you may […]

  • Harvest Soup

    Harvest Soup

    I recently recieved a humongous box filled with squash, onions, pumpkins and garlic from my boyfriends Grandmas garden. It was just sitting there in my kitchen when I came home from work one night, […]


Let me be your guide to a happier, healthier YOU!


Food and fitness have always been an important part of my life. Most of my free time is either spent in the kitchen trying out new recipes, or being active outdoors, enjoying nature as much as possible!


Meet Me


  • Lauren’s holistic approach has provided me with the support and practical tools to assist with achieving my wellness goals. Goals I thought I’d never have success with. I am currently 4 months smoke free! I feel physically stronger and truly happier. Her suggested methods are ethical, trusted & natural which I feel really good about!! I’m so grateful!

  • Lauren with her expertise and enthusiasm has helped me appreciate much more that a healthier lifestyle does not have to be overwhelming and small steps over time can make a big difference. Lauren takes a patient encouraging approach that makes the subtle changes fun and she encourages all the way! Keep up the great work Lauren!

  • In the past few months, Lauren has worked with me to improve my eating habits and to help me make significant changes in how I buy, prepare and eat foods that help to fuel my body. Throughout she has demonstrated her ability to motivate, educate and inspire me to live a healthier life.